Italy ZAMBAITI group, founded in 1948, is one of the largest groups in the home textiles and wallpaper production industry in Italy. The group wallpaper business began in 1974, and is the largest wallpaper production enterprise in Italy.

It is famous for the production of "precision crafted wallpaper", which is famous for the traditional handwork carving and modern technology. The technology of precision embossing is not only the feature of ZAMBAITI wallpaper, but also the core competitiveness of enterprises. Over the past 40 years, the group products have been spread in 73 countries and regions.

Precision set pattern process is the charm, it uses the traditional manual carving techniques combined with modern technology (laser engrave Technology), give full play to the perfect PVC special polymer materials (the one and only special plasticity, exquisite performance, exquisite lifelike color reproduction, natural flame retardant, anti abrasion resistant and anti dirty oil scrub), deduce the appeal of other varieties without coating insurmountable, strong visual effect.




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